Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Group Counseling Sessions

Group Counseling Sessions


a. Health Assessment 

b. Health Promotion

c. Prevention and Management of Non Communicable and Communicable chronic diseases

d. Prevention and Control of acute physical and mental disorders

e. Self Empowerment

Targeted Groups:

a. Students of Brahma Kumaris Centre

b. Local population through Brahma Kumaris Centre and other NGOs

c. Schools, Colleges, Organizations

d. Farmers

e. Villages


a. An office with computer and printer with a Counseling Cabin

b. Space to store patient / client files and records

c. One local Co-ordinator who will be available every day in the office to attend queries and phone calls

b. Team of Counselors (say 3 to 6) and Medical doctor/s available in person as per requirements

Eight Stages:

1. Psychology Pre - Assessment on stress, depression, irrational thinking, anger, self esteem, mental health, General functioning (This is done in group by a Counselor)

2. Case History(Case history is collected and filed for each patient. We will explain all 8 stages to the patient / client to understand the importance of all 8 stages. This will be done as and when the new patient / client come for registration) 

3. Diagnoses and Counseling Treatment / Therapy plan for 4, 5 and 6 stages.

4. Treatment / Therapy:Counseling, Releasing/ Neutralising emotions, Association test, EMDR, CBT, Behaviour Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Psycho-Analysis, Psychotherapy, etc., based on life history and assessment

5. Education on Mind over illness, HealthyLife Style, assertiveness, Life skills, Coping skills, Communication skills,  etc based on assessment.

6. Raja Yoga Training : Theory and Practice

7. Post - Psychological Assessment

8. Follow up with daily charts 

The program with all the above 8 stages will be repeated every month / every 3 months.

The method:

a. The Counselors ( say 3 to 6)  will be formed or One Co-ordinator organizes a team under his / her leadership.

b. They will approach the local BK Centre or Institutions like schools, colleges or organizations and explain the process

c. An office will be set up or space will be made available for Coordination and Counseling services

d. The students of BK centre and others will be informed to register with the Co-ordinator / Counselors for Assessment, Health Promotion Counseling, Counseling Treatment and Trainings. 

e. Date will be announced for Psychological Assessment for all the registered students / patients / clients.

f. Psychological Assessment will be conducted by the team of Counselors along with Scoring.

g. The Case history - pre induction will be collected and filed separately for each student / patient / client.

h. The Assessment Score and Client History file will be given to Senior Counselor / Experts for Diagnosing, Consultation, Identifying suitable Counseling therapies and Educational Training.

i. One Counselor for each student /patient / client will be allocated for Counseling and give therapy (Individual Sessions)

j. Health Education, Physical Anatomy and Life Skills topics will be selected based on the assessment and history. These topics / Classes will be conducted for all the students / patients / clients in Groups in coordination with the local Centre in-charge.

k. Rajyoga will be taught in a scientific manner along with practice.

l. Post Assessment date will be announced and to be conducted by the Counselors team.

m. Individual Counseling sessions will be carried out again based on the POST Assessment. The Counseling sessions may be continued based on the availability of Counselor and requirements.

n. Daily Chart will be provided to monitor and report the Healthy Life Style and Rajyoga practice.

o. Every three months or less, the above 8 stages will be repeated for students / clients / patients along with newly Registered students / clients / patients.

p. The complete program will be planned to be completed within 5 to 7 days. And every month, there will be one new complete session with new groups.