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The only real and right Spiritual Effort

The only real and right Spiritual Effort: Knowledge-full is, to remain lost in love of God being self (point) aware, constantly-every moment.
-          Spiritual points and churing from 30th March to 14th June 2019

Points discussed: The required spiritual effort, Overcoming stage fright, Overcoming attachment, Transforming vision and attitude,

Spiritual practice / Drill for mind and Constant Attention & Awareness of Love, Lightness and Easiness
1. Avy.murli 16.10.69
Come into action/thought one second. And go beyond thought/sound/body next. This is possible when you perform actions being detached.

With this practice you will be able to face any situation. This has to be practiced throughout the day but special practice during amritvela. 

This practice helps you to detach from all the attractions/pull of mind (from being lost in love) during the final test paper.

2. Avy.murli: 20.10.69
Just remember point and One to reach completion. No need to go in to expansion. (By not going into expansion, keeping 3 to 4 thoughts per minute, we feel lightness)

The unawareness of point creates past sanskars, past karmic bondage, present forgetfulness. These wastes make easy into difficult.

When there is awareness, there is easiness and completion. When there is no awareness, there are many obstacles.

When you make the awareness strong (constant), unawareness disappears on its own. When the sun never sets, darkness cannot appear.

3. Avy.murli 1.11.1969
There should be balance of love and power. Detachment and sweetness together at the same time. Karmateet and complete stage does not have just power but also love. Even thoughts have to be applied full stop in a second.

4. Avy. Murli 17.11.69
The hard sanskars make the spiritual effort difficult. If sanskars have become easy, all actions become easy (detached). To be attractive, you need to be happy (smiling) in body and mind, to swing in bliss controlling nature and maya. When you get attracted to something, you never become attractive.

1. Along with power and love, there should be concentration being free from waste thoughts.

In one Avyakt Murli Baba says, In final stage you would become free from waste thoughts.
This concentration without waste thoughts makes you feel an unlimitedness in awareness or it is like being connected with the cosmic mind.

1. There has to be both heat-power (authority) and flexibility- humility in equal amount well balanced to mould nature with easiness. 

Even if either of one is more or less, it is not perfect stage and become less attractive in nature.

Only those who have love for every soul can remain humble.

Remain detached every moment even of service. Only when you are in bodiless stage, remain liberated from body for a long time, you will pass with honour in the final test paper of less than a second.

Remain detached and loving.

2. Even plans would become successful when there is plain remembrance.

1. See, think self as soul and see, think others as soul. 

Not to see or remember anything physical.

Avy.murli 16.10.69 on Power to see and Power to Discern:
1. The important method to experience power to discern is bodiless stage or remembrance or soul consciousness along with purity of intellect/mind, when there is no waste or sinful thoughts but remembrance of only One and His task with Concentration.

2. Waste and sinful thoughts are obstacles to realize bodiless stage. To avoid coming into attraction of body keep the intellect clean. Thoughts make the intellect weak and so cannot discern distancing yourself from success.

3. When you look at the soul in others, vision and attitude will become pure. 

4. Those who practice coming into sound/thoughts/body in a second and go beyond next can face any situation. Practice this at amritvela and whenever intellect becomes very busy. This is possible when you do all actions being detached and easy with lost in love for God.

Note: The essence of spirituality is to remain  constantly detached (with self awareness) in all interactions with people and things, with constant love for God. Not succumbing to the pull of senses.

1. Bodiless stage: awarenes of soul as point of light and also awareness of body/garb of light.

Stage freight / anxiety may be due to fear or defence mechanisms activated by amygdala - automatic in nature.

To overcome, go to the depths of fear caused by various situations like the habit of giving more respect to people, certain formal behaviours and attitudes created or imposed by gathering or people.

By removing all unwanted respects like, “it caused by the oppressor in the oppressed”, are to be identified and make those attitudes and habits normal by practice and change in thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.

This will help remove various masks(personalities) developed since childhood leading to deep relaxation and easiness with people and situation including stage freight caused by anxiety, people and formal behaviour of people and situations.

All attachment (even of close relative) disappears when you see the person as you see or love your neighbour instead of thinking they are your own.

Vision and Attitude
Sakar murli: The Father explains: Consider yourselves to be souls and look at others with the vision of brotherhood. Then, when you give knowledge to anyone, there will be power in your words. It is souls that become pure and impure.
It has also been explained to you: Look at others with the vision of brotherhood and you won’t notice their bodies. Your vision will then not be spoilt. This is the destination.

Note: feel the soul on third eye and look at others through third eye with less number of thoughts. Seeing through third eye means 100% concentration and it gives power to words. Seeing through 3rd eye gives expanded unlimited vision where you never see any particular person or body. (practice this with easiness without any strain).

Sakar murli: The more effort you make to become soul conscious, the more your physical organs will be controlled. There is only the one method “of remembrance” to control your physical organs.

Even the power and lightness is not to be experienced but to be felt naturally becoming the point of consciousness.
Deep Meditation Experience
In deep meditation, completely focused on 3rd eye, eyes closed, like moving up through 3rd eye, towards paramdham, Sambhavi mudra, there are visions of water everywhere and movement of buildings.

Although Baba pulls and attracts the children when they are sitting in yoga in the morning, He pulls them numberwise. In remembrance, you sit in peace and you even forget the world, but the question arises: What do you do throughout the whole day?

The Father pulls you more early in the morning. He is the ever pure Magnet, and so He pulls you. The Father is unlimited. He understands that you are very lovely children. So He pulls you even more strongly.

See but don’t see – remain in the awareness of lightness
Sweet children, you have to become karmateet before returning home. This is why no flaw should remain inside you. Continue to examine yourselves and remove any weaknesses you have.
Question:In order to create which stage is effort required? What is the effort you have to make for that?Answer:Anything you see with your eyes should not appear in front of you. Even while seeing, do not see. Even while living in your bodies, remain soul conscious. It takes time to create this stage. Your intellects must not remember anything except the Father and the home. To attain this stage, become introverted and examine yourselves. Keep your own chart.

You have to create such a stage that whatever you see with those eyes should not appear in front of you. Your intellects should not remember anything other than the Father and the land of peace.

The Father says: For as long as you stay in remembrance and do service, you will receive power. Also, even if some are in bondage and are unable to do service, they definitely receive a lot of yoga power through their remembrance. Everything is merged in remembrance.

14.5.19 murli.
If there is the feeling of “mine” even in your thoughts, then you must understand that you have become dirty. Finish this burden of the consciousness of “mine” and become double light.

Slogan:The lights of the world are those who merge BapDada in their eyes.

Spiritual awareness and attitude
1. When we become spiritual, although we see physical, the awareness and experience never becomes physical but feel light and non-physical.

2. The third eye becomes the seer and hearer not the eyes or ears.

3. Although eyes see physical objects, consciousness never get attached or focused on physical objects.

4. There has to be constant awareness of third eye to see or feel others as energy beings not physical beings.

5. You understand/know/notice clearly when your consciousness move from spiritual to physical and hence you bring it back to spiritual.

6. When you see, you see the whole, a bigger view when you are spiritual not particular person or objects, mostly awareness of light.

7. When you see physical objects in particular, you become physical. "You become like what you look into".

8. Whether it is seriousness, entertainment, speech, walk, talk, action or meditation, silence, inaction, sleep, all the time and always maintain / experience lightness (love of God).

9. Dadi Prakashmani had once said to dr.s.gupta that those who come in first eight will have remembrance in every breath.

How it is possible?
By being light every moment, it is possible.

True Tapaswis – Real Spiritual Effort
Murli slogan:
Children who are always merged in the ocean of love, happiness, peace and bliss are true tapaswis.

Along with being a tapaswi, not to focus on anything physical to avoid losing self awareness and connection of God's power.

Not to focus the consciousness on anything physical to avoid feeling physical.

See everything but remain self conscious. Don’t attach conscious to physical.

Constantly feel the love, power and bliss of God, being self tolerant constantly in every breath, not losing sight/ feeling of self consciousness.

Not to see or think or feel anything other than truth. Truth is constant combined self and God consciousness.

1. Soul consciousness means detached from world, forget everything of world to stabilize in bliss and joy of God's love.

2. For this remain detached all the time and attach with the world of objects / mind only for name sake.
Blessing:          May you be a completely enlightened soul who finishes Maya’s power with the power of love.
To be merged in love is to have full knowledge. Love is the blessing of Brahmin life. At the confluence age, the Ocean of Love gives you platefuls of diamonds and pearls, and so you become filled with love. A situation like a mountain is transformed by the power of love and becomes as light as water. No matter how fearsome or royal the form that Maya takes to oppose you is, become merged in the Ocean of Love in a second and Maya’s power will be finished by your power of love.
The real spiritual effort – Constant attention of lightness of self and love of God
It is found that the lightness and sweetness, love of God is experienced by being aware of self as a point, without any awareness of body, especially own body. And this lightness need not be seen as a physical smile in the face but subtle lightness and sweetness within the mind/intellect. When this subtle lightness – love of God is maintained constantly, we can overcome lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. Even if we get lost for a moment, we would overcome by any of the vices and if we remember the lightness and love, immediately we can shift our consciousness from anger to lightness, but by the time, we would have expressed the vice.
Hence, it is found, unless we have constant awareness of self and God, one way or other we get lost in vices. The main spiritual effort is to keep the light lit constantly, keep the internal subtle smile, lightness, love of God constantly with self awareness. And this constant attention and effort is the real spiritual practice that will keep us safe from the five vices.

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The practical book is divided in to five units. One to three has five individual sessions. 
1. The first one is of Pre induction-Cognitive session.
2. The second one is of M.S.E. -Mental Status Examination to identify if the person need medical attention along with your counseling.
3. Third is the summary of one(PI) and two(M.S.E.) known as Case Study.

I would request all the students to fill up One session of pre-induction and one session of M.S.E. and one session of Case Study for your own self. This will help you to do remaining 4 sessions with your friends and relatives.

To make it easy, M.S.E. has to be filled up first, Pre induction second and Case study at the end.
M.S.E. is the first step you do with clients. So that you will know
1. if you can handle him / her. 
2. If he /she needs only counseling or Medical intervention along with counseling

As you have collected M.S.E. and P.I., before proceeding to Case study, you have to do some preparation like:
1. You should google and understand about the physical and mental illness of the patient.
2. Bases on the type of illness, based on google info, you should know what type of treatment you would offer them.
3. Select what test you will do with them to measure the illness of body and mind. If they have any medical report with them, you may keep a xerox copy with you. 
Or use psychometric assessment like DASS or other simple inventories. (our doctors or group counselors can guide you on this)

With all the above information in hand, now
1. You treat them by relaxation, understanding past incidences and people, visualization of healing the affected organs.
2. Teach them HLS
3. Make a daily chart and provide them to follow HLS ( we may guide you for the chart)
4. Do regular followup to collect the filled up chart every week.
5. Weekly once, give them one hr class on HLS
6. Twice in a week, or once in a week, do the test to see the improvement
7. After 2 weeks, record a 3 to 5 minute video of their experience or you share your experience.

For practicals, pls refer the following pages in Paper 3 Counselling and Spiritual health Book:
Pre Induction: Pages 6 to 38 and 41 to 49
Mental Status Examination (M.S.E.) : Pages 50 to 69
Case Studies: Pages 282 to 319

One M.S.E., P.I and  Case study, you may fill it up for yourself. For remaining four, you may approach your relatives, friends or BK centre brothers and sisters.

Tell them you are doing a research on patients for M.Sc or for your P.G. or Diploma Course.

1. Why HEALTHY LIFE STYLE (for body, mind and heart) is important and what all diseases can be healed:

2. Even if you take high fibre low fat veg diet and do daily exercise, the most important for healing is virtuous life free from lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego.  There is no healing unless a person transform his nature:

3. By teaching HLS and following up every day:
a. You save the medical expenses
b. Surgeries can be avoided
c. The medicine intake is reduced
d. What is impossible by medical doctors becomes possible
e. You become healthy in all 4 aspects: psy-bio-socio-spiritual
f. You become light, easy  and happy
Proof based on heart revivial through HLS program:

This is not just Baba' s knowledge or experience of CAD program but also the scientifically tested and proven method by American Dr.Dean Ornish,  published in int'l journals. But Baba's method is simple and best even than dr.Dean Ornish. Thatswhy Cad program is being considered to become part of syllabus for American medical students.

Note: In case, in future,  if you want to do this Healing process regularly and set up a Counseling Centre on your own or in association with Brahma Kumaris Centre, please contact us for guidance. Email:  Whatsapp: 0091-8285984476

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There is nothing happens in this world without a cause and even every illness has a cause. And the cause of all illness can be identified in the following factors as given in the "Health" definition of W.H.O.:
1. Spiritual factor
2. Psychological factor
3. Biological factor and
4. Social (Environmental) factor

People are so occupied with their activities that they don't have time to understand these factors to lead a balanced life.

Spirituality Health Inner Values Academy (Shiva) will form local teams to impart this awareness amongst the public. 

The program can be conducted for the following categories of people for the prevention and management of diseases:
1. General public
2. Patients
3. Professionals
4. Office staffs
5. School and College Children

The program timing and categories could be like:
1. One week residential program (Once in every month)
2. One hour awareness program ( One or more numbers in every month)

The program Costs (collected as Cheque or Demand Draft(DD)) are designed as follows:
1. Free program for one hour
2. Residential programs will be conducted at a cost to cover the following expenses:
a. The Medical Testing cost for Blood test, ECG, BP, Sugar, Bone capacity, Eye test, Feet test, etc
b. Food and residential expenses
c. Man power (Faculties) cost  to be charged according to the faculty whether they would conduct the sessions on Free or Paid basis.

The Medical cost (50% of the training fee or actuals) are to be paid to Spirituality health inner values academy, in turn, Shiv Academy will pay to the local testing laboratories or indivuduals with proper Bills / Receipts and 

the other 50% percent (or actuals) of the training fee will be paid to local BrahmaKumaris Retreat / Centre or the actual expenses collected as fee will be paid to the Non-BK retreat Centre.
Faculties and team will get paid as per mutual agreement. Mostly Free services are preferred but not compulsory.

Note: No Cash transaction is allowed.

The Local team will be carrying out:
1. Registration
2. Medical test for physical parameters like BMI, Blood parameters, etc and Psychological (PRE test)
3. Education classes on Spiritual, Psychological, biological and social factors which also includes diet (Vegetarial, High fibre Less Cholestrol diet)
4. Practical Emotional Healing Sessions for Self transformation, Spiritual practices and physical exercises
5. Medical and Psychological test (POST test)
6. Every day monitoring using Charts and get feedback regularly
7. Repetition of program with Pre and Post medical test and psychological assessment
8. Assessment and Counseling
9. Record maintenance for monitoring the individual benefits of the program, its effect over the well-being of patients or professionals or participants.

The team will consist of
1. Spiritual Counselor
2. Medical Doctor 
3. Medical test are conducted by paramedicals or by any local medical laboratory or specialists or with own testing equipments
4. Psychological assessment by the team
3. Dietitian (Optional)
4. Volunteers and Participants

The location to conduct these trainings will be:
1. Local Brahma Kumaris Centre or Retreat Centre with accommodation facilities
2. Local Non- BK retreat centre with accommodation facilities
3. One hour or one day sessions will be conducted even if accommodation is not available.

Role of Team LEADER or Co-ordinator:
The leader will form a team to coordinate all activities and get this program carried out every month without fail.

Training for the Co-ordinator and Local Team:
No special training will be provided other than what is given during the P.G.Diploma Counseling and Spiritual health (Hypnotherapy) training. But constant support will be provided by the whole team to standardize the Course Schedule and Content.

The team will learn by doing practically. Initially the team/faculties may provide Free service and later they may charge the fee for their service including it inthe Course fee.

How and Where to Start:
1. Form a local team, minimum one and maximum 2 or more
2. Prepare a plan for a 5 to 7 days residential HLS program
3. Approach local Bk Centre / Retreat Centre  / Non-Bk Retreat Centre / any Residential Space Providers to find out if they can provide Classroom and residential space - free or paid. And no accommodation required for local registrations.
4. Work out the cost involved in conducting the program
5. Inform Shiv Academy and its team about the Training FEE and  provide Schedule for every day. You will provide the program dates for the next 12 months. Any changes will be intimated later.
6. Register the participants with expectations of minimum one  or even a small gathering through local contacts, Shiv Academy, BK Centres, Friends, Social Media.
7. Start conducting the program with minimum participants to grow the numbers every month with monthly improvements.

----------------------------------GOOD LUCK IN GODLY SERVICE--------------------------------------

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Spirituality Health Inner Values Academy STUDY CENTRE

Study Centre can be classified into different types depending upon University requirements:

1. Enrolment Centre where only admissions of courses are enrolled and registered online or with application form. For this set up, you need only a table and chair.

2. Study Centre where the centre in charge will take classes for few selected courses in which they are capable, along with doing enrolment for all courses of University. Here, you need one class room other than an office desk.

3. Study centre where the Centre will provide all materials and take classes for few courses. Here you may have regular classes for few courses.

4. Study centre run for specialized courses like Brahma kumaris do. Here at Shiv Academy we have syllabus for p.g.diploma, diploma and in Hypnotherapy Courses which has got a very huge demand everywhere.

This hypnotherapy course if we can introduce in any local university, we can conduct classes and exam for these courses at the study centre. Exam papers are to be corrected by ShivAcademy.

Every university has their own terms and conditions which has to followed without fail.


1. Study centre will not require your full time presence. A 10th or +2 pass student or anyone who can manage- communicate shall be appointed as study Centre Coordinator whose salary could be paid by the income generated by enrolment/course fee shared by the university. 

2. Existing office could be used for basic enrolment centre.

3. If there are many Shiva members / Counselors in one city, all enrolment from different places could be channeled through one study centre and university fee /profit can be divided amongst each other.

Example: If there are many BK students in mumbai and pune, there can be one study centre for Yashwantrao University through Shiv Academy. But all the members can do enrolment at their residence/locally and submit application through this one Shiv Academy study centre.

4. Through Shiv Academy, you may apply for a study centre for open University / any University in coordination with a student who lives close to University who can visit the University to support the admin activities. 

For example allahabad-u.p. students can help noida-u.p. students to set up a study centre at noida for Rajrishi tandon open univsty. 

List of univsty:

There are regional centres for ignou, through them we can set up local study centres for ignou for selected courses.


1. Study centres will help us teach students on values and spirituality as they come for admissions for various courses.

2. It is possible for the Study centre to represent more than one University.

Future development:

Existing study/ enrolment centre will be used by shiv Academy for foreign university collaboration for offering degrees and doctorates.

Income sharing:

By starting a study centre, we will generate income and counseling services will be part of the study centre.

The income generated will be used for the expenses and development of local study centres and if anything have to share with Shiv Academy, it would be done with mutual understanding. It is advised to develop your local Shiv Academy team to handle all activities of the study centre.

Role of Shiv Academy:

Those who are approaching university to set up study centre or to introduce Shiv Academy Hypnotherapy courses may kindly send the university name and date of visit to

So that, we will send you the Shiva letter head soft copy and Course syllabus for you to prepare correspondences / letters and make a visit on behalf of Shiv Academy.

For any additional queries, pls write to or send whatsapp to: 0091-8285984476

Note: Once this study centre is established, it can also be used as Counseling, Wellness and Meditation Centre. 

And if this Study Centre is set up in any village, it can also be used as Rural development Centre.

We would like to know how many members will be interested in setting up a study centre through Shiv Academy and which are the university you would apply.

Monday, February 4, 2019



To support the initiative of our Honorable Prime Minister on tackling the Exam stress, Spirituality Health Inner Values Academy will be conducting Instant Relaxation training for Students those who are appearing for 10th standard and higher studies.

The letter to approach the Schools or Institutions and the Assessment Questionnaire will be given based on Individual’s request with details of school /institutions and meeting date. The request shall be sent to or whatsapp to : 0091-8285984476

The Training will be as follows:
1.       15 minutes Assessment test to find out the level of stress.
2.       15 minutes venting out of fear and exam stress by writing a Letter to God.
3.     15 minutes training for “Instant Relaxation technique” which can be practiced before reading and writing exam.

Assessment will be done by any one standard Questionnaire to measure student’s level of stress. Students those who have high level of stress will be given additional Counseling with permission from the management.

The Instant Relaxation can be achieved by Progressive Relaxation Technique which will be anchored with the touch of thumb and forefinger.

To write a Letter to God, God will be explained, by using any one of the following videos shown through any laptop or playing the audio from mobile phone, referring God as the Diamond in the sky who shows light to us when there is darkness of ignorance and absence of sun - knowledge.

Video links:

Lyrics of poem “The Star” by Jane Taylor:
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
When the blazing sun is gone,
When he nothing shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.
Then the traveller in the dark,
Thanks you for your tiny spark,
He could not see which way to go,
If you did not twinkle so.
In the dark blue sky you keep,
And often through my curtains peep,
For you never shut your eye,
‘Till the sun is in the sky.
As your bright and tiny spark,
Lights the traveller in the dark,–
Though I know not what you are,
Twinkle, twinkle, little star.